Graham (and Lee) join the paper

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 8.33.52 AMFlick and Fly journal is proud to announce that Graz has gotten himself a gig with the Canberra times (syndicated in the Narooma news and Rob Paxevanos’ blog) writing the Canberra region fishing reports. We are also proud to announce that Lee has gotten himself the gig as the bench writer for the column, filling in for Graz and Anthony Stockman, the other regular columnist, when needed. Congrats to both the boys and keep an eye out for their insights in the Canberra times, Narooma news and Rob Paxevanos’ blog.

You can read Graz’s first Canberra times article here.–if-you-cant-beat-em-eat-em-20140224-33b99.html#ixzz2uDLVlDue

Don’t fear though, they will both still continue to regularly contribute to Flick and Fly journal.


Flick and Fly

Hamish Webb, Dan Firth, Graham Fifield and Lee Georgeson have been fishing the south-east Australian region since 1987. Since then they’ve become avid sportfishermen who are constantly looking for new ways to challenge themselves. They are all scientists and conservationists who are passionate about the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem in which they live. They promote understanding and appreciation of the complex socio-political, economic and environmental issues surrounding fish, fishing and fisheries, while never losing sight of the various motivations that keep them coming back. In English, that means they love all things fishing and have a damn good time on the water, and that’s all that really counts in the end!

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