Australian fishing blogs: Winter reading

DSC_2315Well, its winter and I haven’t been fishing as much as I would have liked, which means I’ve been pretty quite on the blog (a fate that seems to have befallen all the authors on the blog) … Bad weather, social engagements and the Poor mans quad project all playing their part. Thankfully the trout season opens soon, the weather will improve, the days will get longer making after work fishing once again a possibility and I will once again start blogging consistently.

In the meantime, it about time to update the little series I’ve been running trying to catalogue Australias fishing blogs. I try and stay across blogs out there and there are some absolute crackers about… Since the last update, I have found a few more blogs and a bunch of great new ones have started so I thought it was time to do a quick update of the list If you have a blog I’ve missed or know of one, please let me know so I can add it to the list. So in no particular order here they are 🙂 Check them out if winter is keeping you from actually getting out fishing as regularly as you would like to…

Fly junkies 

Lure and fly

Mad Caddis

Match the hatch fly fishing

Jack Murphy Fishing 

Phillip Weigall

River fly

Nomadic fly

Oz Fish tube

Snowy mountains fly fishing

Urban fishing Melbourne

Bass Fishing Addicts 

Aussie Fly Fisher

Back country fishing

We flick fishing

Micks gone fishing

Josh and Jamie fishing

Rob Paxevanos

Cods country

Cod on the cast

The rambling expat

Secret barramundi

How to outfish your dad

The nervous mullet

Team goodang 

One last cast

Murray cod fishing

Central west fishing

West Australian fisherman

Kayak fishing adventures 

Adaminaby angler


Ebb tide adventures

Lure and more

Duckbill fishing blog

Josh Edmonds fishing Australia

Australian fishing blog

Saiko fishing tackle 

Calm water fishing

Billy Gill on fishing

In depth angler 

Untamed fly fishing

Manic tackle blog

Fly life

Goulburn Valley fly fishing

Steve Starling

Fish life

Fishing world

Black marlin fishing blog

Fishing Australia crew

Fishy tales

Stealthy kayak fishing

Iona gamefishing

Think big charters blog 

North Queensland fly fishers

AFN blog

Kuma eging and fishing


Nomad sportfishing blog




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